Sex on the Beach #4 Recipe

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1/3 oz Absolut Vodka
1/3 oz Midori melon liqueur
1/3 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur
1 splash Grapefruit juice
3 dashes Cranberry juice

This can be on the rocks or up... but best on the rocks! Start with the Midori since it is heaviest, then the Chambord and the Absolut. Fill the glass 2/3 full with Cranberry juice, and then a splash of grapefruit for color. It should be an orangish-red color. Garnish with several cherries.

This is a great drink for the person who wants to ENJOY what s/he is drinking. It tastes FABULOUS, especially when prepared correctly. It has to be 1 shot combined or else the drink become overpowering!