Brian Sinnott Family Punch - Leaded Recipe

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1 package Cherry Kool-Aid
1 package Strawberry Kool-Aid
6 oz frozen Orange juice
6 oz frozen Lemonade
2 qt Water
2 cups Sugar
2 qt Ice
1 1/2 cup Vodka
1 1/2 cup White rum
2 L Ginger ale
1 bottle Champagne

Mix Kool-Aid, juice, lemonaid, sugar, and water. Add booze and ice cubes and let cool. Add champange and ginger ale before serving. Adjust punch to party mood with more vodka.

Printed above are instructions for the "leaded" version of the drink. Be careful, it can pack quite a blow, especially if you add more vodka, as suggested. This is a sweet drink, so cheep Andre "pink" champagne or any other sparkling wine will do. Better using a good brand of vodka, then potency adjustments are less noticeable. This is a wonderful tasting champagne punch, despite its Kool-Aid roots. One batch is probably good for a party of 5-10 people. Make two batches for medium parties of 10-20 people. (This also maximizes the fact that frozen juice usually comes in 12oz sizes anyway.)