Summer Sucker Recipe

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1/2 bottle Vodka (Absolut)
1 cup Grenadine
2 cans 7-Up Or Club Soda
1 Watermelon

Cut a small, circular hole in the watermelon. Save the piece cut out. Turn the watermelon with the hole facing the ground so any juices drip out. Mix the vodka, grenadine and 7-Up in a seperate bowl. Slowly pour the mix into the watermelon (use a funnel if you have one). If you put the liquid too fast into the watermelon, it wont absorb properly. Pop the piece you cut out back into the hole. Shake the melon. Throw it in the fridge for an afternoon. When the family is over, cut slices out of the watermelon and enjoy.

It's worth the effort. It's rumored Mark Twain enjoyed this special treat, albeit with bourbon rather than vodka. Kids like it too. Note: this is not to be performed during any season other than summer. Cheers.