Tripwire Recipe

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1 gal high proof Vodka
1 can Lemonade mix
Juice of 3 - 6 Lemon or limes
Fill with 3 1/2 - 4 gal ice cold Water

In 5 gal. jug mix thoroughly all of vodka with all of lemons, lemonade, and water, which should be previously combined. Make sure water is ice cold, if not ice or refridgeration may be required.

This is what we drink at the bar crawls in D.C. and Philadelphia. If mixed well and kept on ice the vodka is not noticed. It is easy to drink several eight ounse party cups and not notice the affect coming on. It's called tripwire because of the fact that you don't perceive your impending drunkeness until it hits you suddenly and you fall over!