Real Romulan Ale Recipe

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375 ml Bacardi 151 proof rum
375 ml Everclear
375 ml Blue Curacao

Select a bottle (preferably decorative, but not too ornate) that will hold just over 1 liter of liquid. Combine 375ml of each ingredient in the bottle. Marvel at the entrancing color and exquisite character that is The Ale. -- Put the bottle in your freezer and wait 2 hours. -- Pour a shot and hold on to your hat!

CAUTION: This drink is extremely alcoholic and quite flammable! Do NOT expose to open flame and drink responsibly! NOTE: If you're not one of the few that enjoys the sensation of white-hot liquid crawling down the back of your throat then you might want to consider "Romulan Ale Light". Simply follow the directions listed above and, when you're ready to imbibe, pour the shot in to a 12-ounce glass and fill with Sprite. Variations include strawberry soda, pineapple soda, orange sode, Cherry 7-Up, and grape soda. Remember, you haven't had REAL Romulan Ale until you've sucked down a shot!