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Cranberries, also known as bounceberries and craneberries, are shiny bright red berries that grow wild in northern Europe and in the northern climes of North America, where they are also extensively cultivated. The berries grow on a prostrate evergreen vines, have a smooth skin, is generally round, elliptical, or bell shaped and about 1/3 inch in diameter and 1/2 to 1 inch long. Inconspicuous seeds are attached at the center of the fruit and surrounded by the tart pulp. Because of their extreme tartness, cranberries are best combined with other fruits, such as apples or dried apricots.

The main products from cranberries are cranberry jelly, sauce and juice. Sweetened dried cranberries can be used like raisins in baked goods or as snacks. Fresh cranberries are very high in vitamin C.