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>This isn't a game as such but rather a general set of rules we play with at session of our drinking club.

-Names: you cannot refer to anyone by their name, everyone is given a name before hand. In our group it is just a nickname ending with nog (I'm Frog-nog, there's a Crotch-nog, Scary-nog... they all have a meaning to us at least), other version use names of characters from well known TV shows. ie: names from Dallas.

-Pointing: no pointing! simple as that. You can't point with anything but your elbow. Becomes a problem when you can't remember people's names.

-Sniffing: no mentioning/talking/look at/ to Members of the Other Sex. At all! It gets really annoying when a cute girl starts trying to chat you up and you have to ignore her. Sometimes the temptation is just too great, sometimes she knows the rule...

-Distances: beverages must always be placed at a required distance of one finger length from the table edge.

-Forbidden words: no mentioning the word 'drink' or any of its derivatives. Consume, inbibe, beverage... come in useful

-no use of the words 'pint', 'half pint', or 'glass'. A new system of 'vessel' sizes is created: a 'nog', 'demi-nog', 'quad-nog'... (a nog being two finger widths of a pint glass.)

Of course penalties for all the above are 'consumption' of 'beverage'.