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All that is needed are the face cards from a normal deck (10 thru Ace), a few friends, an empty glass and (of course) alcohol.

The cards are laid face down in a circle and the empty glass is placed in the center. People take turns flipping over any card they want and perform an action based on the face value, as follows:

10- This is a social card; everyone takes one drink.
J - The person to the left of whoever flips this card takes one drink.
Q - The person to the right of whoever flips this card takes one drink.
K - When a King is flipped, that person pours any amount of their drink into the glass in the center; this continues for the first 3 Kings flipped; whoever flips the fourth King has to drink whatever is in the glass.
A - This is the category card; the person that flips it picks a category (ie: types of cigarettes), gives an example (ie: Marlboro), then the next person gives a different example; it continues around the circle until someone names something already said or can't think of a new response (5 second count); whoever breaks the category has to take one drink.

optional rule: when a person flips a 10 card they can make a "rule". Examples include: - can't call people by their names - must raise left hand when drinking Every time someone breaks a rule, they have to take one drink. If you are new to the game, you may want to cancel all rules at the end of each game. However, even more challenging is to keep the rules for an entire night of "Categories." This way you may have a dozen rules by the end of the night.

Hint: Ultimate rule to get everyone at least a half dozen times: "No saying the words: drink, drank, or drunk."