Circle of Death #2 Drinking Game

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Deck Of Cards; two decks if your feelin' froggy.


Arrange cards in three circles, consisting of an outter circle, a middle circle and an inner circle, (it should look like three doughnuts of decreasing sitting inside of each other).

The game is played by turning over any card in the outer circle.
If the turned card is any suit of red, you give the number of drinks that the card states. ie. a red king gives 13 drinks to your chosen victim.
If the resulting card is of a suit of black, the one who turned gets to dake the specified number of drinks. ie. a black 7 takes 7 drinks.

After the outer circle is turned over, the second circle is started on, all card values are doubled and in the inner circle all values are trippled. Card values are 2 through 14 (14 beind an Ace). Therefore, a black ace in the inner circle spells 48 drinks for the unfortunate (or fortunate) player.