Robo-Slam Drinking Game

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You take six 7 oz cups and one 16 oz solo cup you arrange the small cups with three on each side of the large cup then with teams of two (or one but two is better) You use quarters to try and put it into the small cups, with each person an a team taking either right or left.

The basic rules are that you can't hit the big cup until the little cups are gone. If you do your team automatically loses and they have to drink all of the cups. You also have to alternate the person who is attempting on each team (this prevents the really good player from going all the time). The last rule is that if the quarter goes off the table during your turn you have to let the other team get a free shot.

This game is really good because you can get really drunk if your team is any good (but the more you play the drunker you get so you don't stay on too long. Finally your team could miss every small cup then get lucky and hit the big cup and you still get to stay on the table .

HINT: we use a role of toilet paper to "zamboni" the table after every game. At my school we keep person records