Bottles Drinking Game

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Two empty beer bottles.
Rag, broom to clean up with if you make a mess.
Quick reflexes are also an asset.

The game is very simple, Setup:
1. You flip a coin to see who is the first person to have control.
2. You place the first beer bottle on the floor, then place the second on top so it rests on the opening of the first.
3. Two opponents sit cross-legged facing each other, in front of the two bottles. Wrists must be on their own knee's.

The Game:
1. Who ever won the coin toss has control. His/her objective is to grab the bottom bottle, and keep control of it.
2. The other person must catch the bottle that was on top before it hits the ground.

1a. If the person not in control catches the bottle, then the person in control has to take a drink.
1b. If he/she catches the bottle then they now have control and must now switch their roles and he/she grabs the bottom.
2. If the person not in control misses or drops the bottle he/she has to take a drink.
3. If a bottle gets broken, who ever broke it must chug there own drink, until it is finished then get another.
4. The person in control can fake a grab for the bottle as long as his wrists do not leave his knee's.

The game continues on, until either of the opponents gets tired of playing or the drinks are no longer present.