Connections Drinking Game

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You will need a deck of cards, alcohol and at least 4 but fewer then 10 people.

Possiblity to get very drunk depending on the turn of the card. But at least very buzzed.

Deal out all the cards face down in a pile to everyone. Don't worry about the extras deal them too.

The person to the left of the dealer starts by flipping a card over. The next person flips a card in front of them. If these people's cards have the same suit they drink the number on the card. If they have the same card they both drink that number. If they don't 'connect' the next person flips. If all three have the same suit/card they drink the number of the card. Each person keeps flipping until they are out of cards

cards 2-9 drink 2-9; 10-K drink 10; Ace drinks 11.