Turbo Cups Drinking Game

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- two teams (best with 4 people on each team)
- keg cups
- a nice flat table; rectangle(round is OK)
- lots of BEER!!!
Each team sits in a row accross from the opposing team. Fill the cup with beer up to the the line in the bottom of the cup (about an inch of beer). The first player on each team gives a toast and downs the contents of their drink and flips the cup on the table so it lands facing down. Once the cup lands face down - the next player goes and so on until one of the team wins. When that round ends, the next teammate starts the cycle ending with the guy who started previously. The team to win 7 rounds first wins. If both teams are tied with winning 6 rounds each then the next and final round is a full cup round where you go about the same process with pounding a full beer. The first team to win goes on and plays any team that wants to challenge. *In this game- even the losers are winners!!! it is very important to have a team name. after every round- it is custumary for the winning team to yell out their team name in a drunken slur! good luck-