The Sifl & Olly Drinking Game! Drinking Game

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A VHS tape of Sifl & Olly Episodes (First Season works best!)
Large quantities of beer or other "soft" booze.
Large quantities of Whiskey or other "hard" booze.
Double and single shot glasses.
People to play with!

The Setup...

Each person must choose a "minor" reocurring character such as:
Sifl's Mom
Eddie from Jersey
The Extreme Cooking Chef
The "shaving" guy
Sifl & Olly's Landlord

If you run out of "minor" characters, then pick segments/events like:
"The News"
When Silf says "You've got a seroious-ass (whatever) problem!"

How to play...

Take ONE shot of "SOFT" booze...
Each "calls from the public".
Each "interview".
Each "rock facts!" (N/A to second season)

Take a DOUBLE shot of "SOFT" booze...
Each time "Peto and Flek" is shown.
Each time "Show Waiting" is used.
Each time anyone says "Cresent Fresh".

Take ONE shot of "HARD" booze...

Anytime your choosen character (or event/segment) is on screen.
Everytime S&O use their satellite dish.
Whenever a talking plant is shown.

Take a DOUBLE shot of "HARD" booze...

Whenever Olly wears clothing of anykind. (Excluding the "S&O News")
Whenever the Military is mentioned.


Your choosen character says "Cresent Fresh" or "Cresent Fresh" is said during your event/segment.

You win when/if...
Flek makes sense.
Chester looks sexy.
You don't pass out before the tape(s) ends.

PS: All disputes should be decided by a majority vote. GOOD LUCK! :)