Drunk Driver #2 Drinking Game

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A little note from the WebMixer, You all know that we don't support drunk driving so please don't. This is only a name of a card game and not something that should be done. Drink lots, party hard but please be safe. Cheers.


All ya need is a group of your friends, a deck of cards and the ever important alcoholic beverage.

This game, like many other involves building a pyramid of cards. Five rows is standard, but you can try seven if you really feel lucky. The first player picks a card from the bottom row, and before they flip it over they must guess whether it's black or red. You can't simply call out black or red, you gotta make a story to allued to the color you mean involving your friends. For instance, a red card could be referred to as, "Bob's eyes on a Friday night." The player continues up the pyramid choosing one card from each row and guessing at it's color in this fashion. A wrong guess results in drinking. You're a winner if you can guess your way to the top.