Electric Jesus Drinking Game

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All you need is a group of 2 - 10 people, drinks and a deck of cards

Everyone sits in a circle and is dealt 5 cards. Place the rest of the deck in the middle of the circle and draw a card from the deck. This card is the "take one" card and whom ever has that card must take a drink. (If people have more then one of the same cards in their pile they must take that many drinks i.e. 2 of spades = 2 drinks). The next card drawn from the deck is "give one" and whom ever has that card may pick someone to drink (once again if someone has 2 or more of the same card then 2 or more drinks can be given out) feel free to punish one person by giving him/her all the "give ones".


Use a Eurker deck i.e.(9's, 10's,jacks,queens,kings) it makes the game a little more enjoyable