Forehead Idiot Drinking Game

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One pack of cards.
Anything from 3 to as many as 12 players.
A shot glass or beer glass for each person.
Lots of drink.

A nominated dealer gives each player a card face down. The person must NOT see their own card. Once everyone has their card everybody puts the card on their forehead facing their opponents. MAKE SURE NOBODY LOOKS AT THEIR OWN CARD. The person with the highest card wins. People start trying to get people to back out of the round. To get someone to back out you must try and make them concede the round.

Once there is only one person left with a card on their forehead he is deamed the winner of the round. Anyone that dropped out of the round before a winner was chosen and their card is higher than the winning card they must drink.

The winner of each round does not have to drink but instead makes a law that must be obeyed by everyone including the person you made it.

Making a law:

When you win a round you create a law. The law can be anything you want EG:
Nobody can point fingers
Nobody can swear
When drinking drink with your left hand
When drinking ask the king (nominated person) permission to drink <- this includes the nominated person (must ask himself/herself persmission to drink)

After each round all cards are placed nack in the deck, shuffled and a new round is started.