Give One, Take One Drinking Game

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Two Decks of Cards
Various types of Alcohol of your choice, preferably coolers.(Vodka, rum)
Anywhere from 3-7 friends willing to get plastered.

To play this game, get two decks of cards.(No jokers) Shuffle them well, then get the friends togther, with their drinks of choice. Have them sit around a table of adequate size, and start dealing each person 4 cards, all face up.(The dealer also must deal themselves 4 cards, all face up)

Now, remember your cards. Suits don't matter, only face value. Kings, Queens Aces, Jacks, etc. etc. etc.

Now, the dealer deals a card off the top so that everyone can see it's face value. What happens next is important.

If one or more of the players has the card value in their hand, for example;
Dealer: 4 5 7 Jack
Russ: 8 6 4 Queen
Rick: 10 Ace 2 5
John: 6 9 King Ace

The dealer deals out a card (4), so that everyone can see the face value. Each person that has that number must say 'I give a drink to (player or dealers name)" That person must then drink one full mouthful(A comfortable mouthful, mind you...) of their chosen alcoholic beverage. Next, the dealer deals another card, (5) Therefore, the Dealer and Rick must take a drink. (again, full comfortable mouthful of beverage)

The dealer deals again, but this time, instead of the person who has the card giving only One drink, they must give out 2 drinks, and they can be split up any way. Then the dealer deals again, and any person with the card dealt must Take two drinks(Cannot be split up)

This goes on, until 'Give 4, Take 4' has ended. It then goes back to 'Give One, Take One'. The cycle can repeat Ad Nauseaum(literally), but must get faster and faster as each round goes on.