King Beer Drinking Game

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Beer and a deck of cards for every 4 to 5 people.

The cards are spread out face down on a table and each person takes a card.The person who pulls the highest card goes first (Ace). The person who pulls the lowest card (2) is the Five Man (explained below). The cards are replaced and shuffled. Play begins by the person who goes first pulls a card. The card chosen dictates what action needs to be taken. The actions are as follows:

Ace--Category (The person that picks the card chooses a category and everyone goes in order naming something in that category.

Example: Shoes is the category and everyone would need to name a type of shoe such as Nike, Reebok, etc. The first one who can't think of one or repeats one drinks)
2--Truth (The person who picks the card can ask someone a truth. If the person prefers not to answer they must drink)
3--Give 3 drinks (can be split up)
4--Dare (If the person dared doesn't want to do the dare, they must drink)
5--Five Man drinks 5 drinks (the person who drew the lowest card at the beginning of the game)
6--Give Six drinks (can be split up)
7--Person on the left drinks
8--Person on the right drinks
9--Social, everyone drinks
10--Give 2 drinks
Jack--Men drink
Queen--Women drink
King--Drink One when the first King is drawn, Two when the second King is drawn and so on. When the last King is drawn the game is over.