Kings In The Hood Drinking Game

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For this fun game there needs to be a variety of peole and a deck of cards. This game can be played with either beer or liquor. The rules change for the different drinks. See below...

This game is a crowd favorite in college fraternities in Southern California...

For playing with beer: Every card in the deck has a meaning, place all cards on the table face down with a large cup in the center.

Card meanings:
2 red or black - give away two drinks
3 red or black - give away three drinks
4 red or black - give away four drinks
Five red or black - everyone playing places their hand on the large cup in the middle. The last to do so drinks five.
6 red or black - person to the right of person picking card drinks six
7 red or black - person who chooses card drinks seven by themselves
8 red or black - person to the left of the person who choose the card drinks eight
9 red or black - SOCIAL
10 red or black - Rhyme Time, person who chose the card says a sentence, the next person must also make a sentence, however the last word of their sentence must rhyme with the last word of the original sentence, this goes on until someone screws up, that person drinks 10.
Jack - Make a rule, this is where the game always gets interesting
Queens - Categories, types of beer, cars, sex positions. Person who chose card starts and the category goes around til someone screws up and then that person drinks.
King - First three kings pulled pour as much beer as they want in the center cup, the fourth king finishes the cup and game ends.
Ace - Challenge, means the person who pulled the card picks someone else playing and either picks hi or low, then the loser drinks the denomination set before the cards were pulled.

For playing with liquor:

ALL the rules are the same except for the kings. There is no large cup needed in the center of the table.
The king is as follows - 1st is make nicknames to the right, 2nd through 4th is make a rule...

This game all of the cards can be used. All rules are subject to change based on the TYPE of people playing the game...