Pyramid Drinking Game

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1 Deck of cards.
Lots of alcohol.
Some friends who haven't played before.
Some friends who have :-)

A person is appointed dealer. That person deals out the cards face down into a pyramid shape with six rows. The player turns one card over on each row starting from the bottom, until he/she reaches the top or reveals a penalty card. If they make it to the top, they are out and the dealer becomes the player. If they turn over a penalty card, they must drink the required amount, new cards are placed face down over the used cards, and the player starts again from the bottom. If all cards are used on the pyramid, then the cards are picked up, shuffled, and re-dealt.

Jack - One scull
Queen - Two sculls
King - Three sculls
Ace - Four sculls
Joker - Five sculls

Rules: Dealer must play next. Dealer may rig pyramid if desired, and if asked directly about a card,must respond honestly. If caught rigging, play ceases, and dealer becomes player immediately. If falsely accused, accuser becomes player. Player may not leave the table for any reason until finished.

Two deck limit is usual for beginners.

Advanced Rules:
All penalties are doubled, so that a Joker means consume entire vessel.
No deck limits - Player only finishes when he/she reaches the top or collapses insensible.
Only player may accuse dealer of rigging.
An extra row can be added to the pyramid.
Two decks of cards should be used.

This game can be a very evil one if the two cards in the second row are rigged because the top card is the one usually suspected. Try rigging it so that those who have played before get out quickly, and the novices are more eager to have a go. Then let them suffer. A good spectator sport, if not for the player.