Quasimoto Drinking Game

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Deck of cards (with jokers)
4 people (more can be used also) up to 6
Beer, or whatever you want to drink, but keep it with alcohol

Choose the dealer, most likely the person who knows all the rules and can explain.

Deal the deck evenly to everyone, they may NOT look at their hand, keeping it face down in a pile in their hands. Have them choose a number

4 players:4-7
5 players: 4-8
6 players: 4-9

Then tell them that when that card is flipped out into the center, they must drink for that long (in seconds).

IMPORTANT: At no point in this game can you say anyone's real name, so make them up, nor can you point at anyone. The penalty for saying a name or pointing is taking a drink. EVERY SINGLE TIME SOMEONE DRINKS they MUST say "QUASIMOTO", or they must drink again.

Play goes around the table in any direction (chosen in the beginning of the game) and each person takes the top card and flips it out into the center of the table, everyone must follow the directions for what each card means.

Now here's what each card means:

2 - make up rule when a 10 is put down
3 - same as 2
4-7/8/9: that person drinks that many seconds
10 - Make up your own rule for 2,3(8,9 if playing with 5 or 6 people)
Jack: Bust A Rhyme: person who put down the card says a stupid phrase, everyone must go around and keep the rhyme going,if you mess up, or repeat a used word to rhyme... you drink. ex: person #1:i put down a jack, person #2: my dogs name is mack, person #3: messes up and must drink. (says Quasimoto too!)
Queen: The "FUNKY BITCH" When a queen is put down, everyone must slap the center pile, and yell "FUNKY BITCH!" the last person to slap down drinks. (say quasimoto after you drink !)
King: CATEGORIES, the person who lays down the king must secretly think of a category in their heads (ex: Cars) and then stars off by saying "Ferrari" the next person has to figure out what the category is and continue by saying another car, until someone messes up. (for better results try harder categories than cars) (and say Quasimoto when you drink!)
Ace: SOCIAL-- EVERYONE drinks (don't forget to say "QUASIMOTO" !!)
Joker: can be optional from another bust a rhyme or use it to make up more rules for the hell of it. (let's not forget to say Quasimoto either)

Enjoy, you'll see this game gets much harder and much funnier when you've had a few more beers.