Queens Drinking Game

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Another decent card game with a mid-level buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards.

Shuffle the deck of cards. Spread them out so that any card can be chosen. Someone, doesn't matter who, goes first by choosing a card. The following tells what action is going to be taken:

Ace - Pick any player to drink
King - All players drink
Queen - Ladies drink
Jack - Men drink
10 - 2nd person on right of chooser drinks
9 - 2nd person on left of chooser drinks
8 - All players drink
7 - Person to right of chooser drinks
6 - Person to left of chooser drinks
5 - change direction (ie from clockwise to counter-clockwise)
4 to 1 - the person picking the card drinks that many drinks.

Play continues to the left, unless a five, the change of direction card was drawn.