Suits Drinking Game

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At least 4 people
A deck of cards
Lots of beer
There is one dealer. The dealer starts by naming a suit (ex. Hearts). Then the dealer proceeds to deal a card face up to the person on his left. The first person to be dealt the suit named has to drink the the number the card specifies. By the way the people who are playing count for the person drinking. That means they can go as fast or as slow as they want. Face card drink 10 and aces drink 11. Before the person drinking puts down their beer they have to call another suit. The dealer then deals to the person to the left of the drinker and the game starts over.

There are a couple twists to this game. First if the person who is drinking fails to call a suit before they put down their beer, then they have to drink again. And the other twist is if the person who is drinking finishes their beer before the counting is over then the person who was to call the next number has to drink the same amount as the card specifies. If this happens the original drinker must still call the suit at the end.