The Best Damn Game for Amateurs and Pros Drinking Game

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One Deck of Cards
One empty glass in the center of the table
A beer or drink for everyone
At least five people (makes it more interesting, and keeps the game moving)

All Aces, Kings, Tens, Jokers, Queens, Nines and Threes are removed from the deck. They are shuffled, and randomly strewn through the middle of the table, face down.

Whoever choses to go first, picks a card from the table, and reveals it to the entire group. According to which card it is, a particular activity is performed. The card drawn is placed aside, not to be drawn again. Moving in clockwise fashion, after the activity is done, the next person picks a card and so on...

The Rules for Each Card Are:
QUEENS: the Queen means the table engages in the alphabet game, wherein the person who picks the queen choses a topic, and begins on "A" with a word pertaining to the subject, next person is "B" and so on. Continues until someone falters, takes too much time, or can't think of one, in which case, they drink.
JACKS: Jacks are "socials", everbody toasts, and everybody drinks!!! (doesn't have to be the whole drink, just a nice hearty swallow).
TENS: Tens are the Thumb Master: when you pull this card, you keep it with you. At any point in the game, that person can put thier thumb on the table - the last person to catch on, drinks. (the person who draws the card gets this privelege only once per ten).
NINES: Nines are the question cards. The person who draws the card immediately looks at someone and asks them a question. That person then turns to someone else and asks them a question, and so on. The first person to answer a question, laugh, or ask a question to the person who just asked them, drinks!!
ACES: Aces are the "rules" card. The person who draws an ace, gets to make any rule they want. (ie, everytime Lisa says "Yeah, totally", Tim has to drink.) This can get fun, if you build on them for each ace drawn - you can get people doing crazy dances, and others having to drink whenever someone else does - this is the best part.
KINGS: When a King is drawn, it is kept out on the table, face up. The person who draws the card has to pour some of thier drink into the empty glass (as little or as much as they want). The person who pulls the fourth King, has to slam the glass in the middle of the table. This works best if everyone's drinking the same thing, but if they're not nice, you could be drinking some interesting combinations!!

The game typically ends when the fourth King is drawn, but it's up to the group to keep going, or reshuffle.