The Good The Bad And The Ugly Drinking Game

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Beer, cards and a circle of willing candidates

This is a collaboration of a few games.
Begin with red and black cards and procede around the circle. The dealer is included and deals for the entire game. If the contestant is right on the red or black call they give one drink (for round one)to any one that is playing. Round two with the previous rounds' cards showing in front of players is high or low. If player calls it correct they give two and if they are wrong they drink two.

Round three is similar but it is like Acey Ducey, where the player must say inside or outside of their other two cards. If the card is the same number as any of the other two cards then the player loses that time. If correct they give three drinks and if wrong they take all three. Remember players can split up their drinks for the others. The fourth round the players must pick a suit. if they are right they can disperse four drinks, if they are wrong they get all four.

The last part calls for two columns of four cards. One is give, one is take. The dealer decides which column is which and begins with the give column. He flips the bottom card and says "If you have a '6' give one." If the player has a '6' in front of them then they give out a drink. If they have the card flippped from the take pile which is next then they drink one. The dealer goes back and forth every time they move up the column the number of drinks increases.

This is not difficult to learn once played. It is good to play while deciding on a game that may take a while.