Word Drinking Game

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Deck of Cards
Shot Glass

Sort out all the face cards from the deck (Jack-Ace). Deal these out in a circle around a shot glass. Just keep piling them on top of each other until you're out of cards. Fill the shot glass with the alcohol of choice (We tend to like everclear, or 151) Everyone gets a beer (or more depending on how long you want to play).

Pick someone to go first, they then draw out of the circle a card, the value of this card determines their actions. From there, go clockwise.

Values of cards are as follows:
Ace: Do the shot
King: Social
Queen: Give it to someone to make them drink (their beer)
Jack: Word. This is the fun part. Someone must say a word, the next person must come up with a word that in someway coincides with the other's word. (i.e. someone says shit, next one says crap etc..) This continues until someone messes up (this can be voted on.) The Person who messes up, does the shot.