7,8,9 Drinking Game

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1 bowl, 2 dice, several beer glasses, 2 or more players


Fill 1/2 glass of beer to start and play in clockwise order with each player rolling the dice into the bowl in turn. Use the following rules:
If the dice=7 then the player gets to add as much beer to the glass as he wants. If the glass is full, put another glass on the table and add to that.
If the dice=8 then the player drinks 1/2 the beer on the table, (be it half a glass or 5 glasses)
If the dice=9 then the player drinks ALL the beer in the glass or glasses
If the player rolls doubles then the play order is reversed, unless its 2 players where the player rolls again
If the player rolls double 4's then he drinks half the beer AND rolls again
If the player rolls none of these then its the next players turn...
If the dice are rolled and ANY of them all out of the bowl then that player has to drink ALL of the beer