Beer Die Drinking Game

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Basically a simple game with complicated rules and restrictions.


A six to eight (8 preferable) foot long banquet table, a few dice and a ton of beer(Keg is more handy), as well as an ample supply of 12 ounce(for a school night) or 16 ounce (for the hard core) plastic cups.

How to play:

Basically to play you need four people, two at either long end of the table sitting across from one another, with cups filled with beer placed 18 inches from the end of the table and a "regulation fist" towards the center, or the width of the player's fist. Each player takes turns throwing the die into the air, aiming either to score points or to "plunk" the opponents beer cup. Really simple game...

Each cup, when filled, contains four "drinks" of beer.
At no point shall any participant in the game say the number "five" or the number "seven". These numbers are to be referred to as "bizz" and "buzz" respectively. If a member of a team says either of these numbers, they are penalized one drink.
If the die, when thrown, lands into the cup of the OPPOSING team, then much celebration takes place and the opposing team must "chug out" their beer. A time restriction may be put on this "chug out", but is usually only used in tournament play.
If the die, when thrown, "plinks" your opponents cup, then the opponent must drink one "drink" of beer.
If the die, when thrown, lands in YOUR OWN TEAMS cup, then you should feel awful, since you must "chug out" your beer, then fill it up again, and chug out that beer as well. This is known as a "self-plunk" and should be avoided at all costs.
If there is a plunk at any point in the game and the cup is spilled, then the team whose cup is plunked owes a filling of their cup, from the spilling, chug out that beer, then "fill and chug" again. In the event of a "self plunk spillage" then the team owes itself three fill and chugs.
The die, when thrown, must travel at least as high as it travels far, so a room with high ceilings and adequate lighting is ideal. In the event of a low throw, called a "whip", the team who threw the die, feels shame and must drink once.
If the die lands in the cup of your opponent and the beer is not deep enough to submerge the entire die, then the team must fill and chug again after the plunk chug is finished.
If a die is thrown legally and goes off the other opposite end of the table, without hitting the cup of your opponents, and within imaginary 45 degree angles extending in rays fron the corners of the table, a point is scored. The games are played to 5, "bizz", or to 7, "buzz".
All catches of the die must be made with one hand, and cannot be trapped against any part of the body.
All tosses will be made underhand
A specific order of throwing must be maintained, if this order is broken, or a throw "out of order" is made, then one drink is penalized to the team out of order.
In the event of one's first plunk, a nickname, known forever as their "diename" is given to them. Examples of such names are "Pumpkinhead", "Fat Kid", "Tubby", "Grampa", "Uncle Schlawkt", and "Chief". Names are not confined to any level of decency either. A well known die player is named "Whisker Biscuit" and another, "Shit Boy". To each his own. A player CANNOT name themself, and must take the name given to them.

Spam Die: A can of SPAM is put in the middle of the table, and in the event that the die hits the SPAM, then the team who hits the spam must eat some SPAM. The same can be done with Potted Meat Food Product.
Rye Die: Same as beer die, except Jim Beam's Rye is used instead of beer. BAD IDEA!
GOD: Usually if there is one man out, or, Heaven forbid, there's a chem-free kid at your party, make them GOD, a creature who makes people drink for no good reason, and makes crucial rulings on game disputes. The game takes on a whole new meaning when there's a GOD. AND WHAT GOD SAYS GOES!
Strip die: Think about it...
One on one, or pitcher die: For the Alcoholic. Fill a pitcher of Beer, put it directly across from whomever you are playing and play with the same rules as regular die. GROSS AND DISGUSTING. Have a trash can handy for this one...