Low Man Drinking Game

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You will need: People (4+), 2 Six-sided dice per person, 11 bottles of various drinks, long table (standard kitchen table)

directions: Have everyone sit around the table. Then place the bottles in the center of the table, in a straight line. Have everyone roll their 2 six-sided dice. The person that rolls the lowest total of the dice loses. Then that person rolls again, the # they get then is the bottle they drink, yet if they get 12 they get away scott-free. Then they have a shot/drink of that bottle. They everyone rolls the dice again.

One rule you can add is, if you roll Double on the 1st roll (see who loses), you and the person with the lowest total must drink. Yet you must drink a Double shot/drink of the bottle that you roll for next. The fun part is if you roll say snake-eyes, you are drinking triple shots/drinks. 1 for the lowest total and 2 more for the double ones.