Peruvian Brothel Drinking Game

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- People
- 5 Dice
- Liquor
The player rolls all five dice with the objective of getting everything s/he needs for a productive visit to a bordello: a room, a bed, a whore, and a hard-on. These are symbolized by a 5, a 4, a 2, and a 1, respectively.

The player gets three rolls to get all four of these items. If, for example, the player rolls a 5, two 4's and two 3's on the first cast, the 5 and one 4 are left out and the remaining three are rolled again, in the hope of coming up with a two and a one. If the player doesn't get it in this roll, s/he rolls one more time. If the player doesn't get his/her hard-on (the one), whore (the two, which looks like two nipples), the bed (a four-poster), and a room (the five, which is four walls and a roof), then s/he drinks. This goes on until everybody is nicely plastered and forgets the rules of the game.