All About Cocktails


The cocktail recipes are all based on the imperial standard of measurement that is used pretty much only by the United States. However, we've made it so that you, the thirsty global citizen, can see our recipes in all their international SI glory. This is a list of the conversion factors we use. Note that they are not precise in many cases, but it is easier to deal with 1 oz. converting to 3 cL rather than 2.957353 cL.

Some common terms and their measurements:

Shot1 1/2 oz.4.5 cL
Jigger1 1/2 oz.4.5 cL
Cup8 oz.24 cL
Tablespoon (tbsp.)1/2 oz.15 mL
Gallon128 oz.3.8 L
Quart 1/4 gallon or 32 oz.~ 1 L
Fifth1/5 gallon or ~26 oz.0.75 L
Dash or Splash1/32 oz. (see below)(see below)

Shot Glasses: A proper shot glass is 1.5 oz., but many bars use "pony shots", which are only 1 oz.

Dash or Splash: These are terms that simply refer to small amounts. When you are using dashes or splashes, you are flavouring a cocktail for taste, so it becomes a bit of a judgement call. Don't go overboard, but make sure you use enough to be noticed. A splash is a little more than a dash, and generally involves less viscous liquids such as mixers, whereas dashes are used with stronger flavourings, such as tabasco.